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Jump to Medieval

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The evil Zoorg creatures are lurking in the medieval village looking for the precious orb. Save the Medievals and rescue the magical object with help from the Time Geeks in this entertaining adventure!


The Time Geeks travel through space and time putting right the wrongs caused by the evil Zoorg creatures. In Jump to Medieval they need to travel to the Medieval era to retrieve the magic Orb before the Zoorgs succeed in their search.

Jump to Medieval is the fourth Time Geeks adventure for iOS, after the acclaimed Find All!, Cloneggs and Time Geeks Friends.


  • Use the archers to fire at the Zoorgs.
  • Direct the Medievals to their homes or convert them into soldiers.
  • Use builders to recover your key buildings.
  • Enjoy different scenes of action, strategy and adventure!

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The Time Geeks is a game series created by the game designer Alberto Cano. Find more info on Invedars.
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