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Time Geeks: Cloneggs

Break eggs, discover the secret characters and have fun pairing the clones!

The Time Geeks are back! After them adventure in Time Geeks: Find All! our friends are saving us from Zoorgs again. Play in all game modes and discover more than 200 characters to play with. You also can scan the Cloneggs Cards for free to get new characters. Complete your collection!

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The Zoorgs are here again! This aliens are cloning all of us to play with. Our friends the Time Geeks must find all the clones to free them and save all us.

The gameplay presents super funny characters hidden in the Zoorg's eggs. You must open all the eggs and match the clones to discover one new character each time.

When you open Madness mode it comes crazy: there are a lot of special items to play with in this arcade game mode. There's more than 200 characters to discover and a lot of fun in all game modes!


  • Easy and funny to play
  • More than 200 characters & levels to play
  • Eggbreaker mode to discover characters
  • Madness mode for arcade game with special items. Crazy!
  • Cloneggs cards scanner to get new characters for free. Enjoy!
  • Each game starts with a different characters set. Complete the collection!.
  • Retina Display support.
  • Coming soon new game modes, Game Center & more.

*scanner available soon

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The Time Geeks is a game series created by the game designer Alberto Cano. Find more info on Invedars.
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